Mike Lorenzo

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I have always been in love and inspired with the Sistine Chapel. For the 2011 design I wanted to use the concept of where would Colorado's Sistine Chapel reside? With our great state being home for the Rocky Mountains I thought our Sistine Chapel would be mobile to explore the range instead of being static in one place, what better than the snowboard itself? I took the main section that frames "Creation of Adam" and altered the design to fit Never Summer's design past and bring back the Snow God "Ullr", from last year's winning design.


Never Summer is Colorado based company with a variety of designs that the company has shown throughout the years. Their main focal point today is their Eagle Logo that you will see below and my rendition. Their first identifiable look was the Polar Bear, and they even moved on to use a Mammoth on past designs. I used that design history mixed with pretty popular horses around town to add to the layout of the design.


All the illustrations were done by hand with graphite then colored in Photoshop.


Click Below to see the indivdual original graphite illustrations and final colored versions


Sistine Board

2011 Design the Modern Board Competition


Pictured to the left is the the board in production at Never Summer.